Extraction Chain

Typically this part is not necessary but it can be very useful when going through a lot of rocks/roots or over  long distances with lots of debris. Even though the point opens a hole larger than the shafts in order to dramatically reduce friction there can be other factors that make it difficult to remove the shafts. As roots are split, rocks fractured, or gravel encountered, these can push back and scrape against the larger diameter of the shafts. Also resistance in pulling out the shafts back can increase when connecting the shafts to rolls of poly water pipe, poly ethylene gas line or data conduit. These poly pipes are usually pulled into the ground as the shafts are extracted. They have a natural curve in the pipe so they scrape against the sides of the hole and create a lot if resistence. In these cases the extraction chain is extremely useful because it is attaches to the shafts and provides a secure connection between the shafts and another tool such as a slide hammer sledge or digging bar hook, which can then be implemented to extract the shafts from the ground and pull in the conduit in at the same time. Made of grade 70 hardened Chain with a pull out capacity of 3500 LBS.

NOTE: Typically,when needed,the extraction chain is useful to extract the first shaft or two then the others will usually slide right out with little effort.

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