Dual Pipe Pull Connector

This part is used to pull in 2 -1 Inch PEX pipes at the same time. The entire part is made of a special alloy stainless steel to avoid corrosion. The male threaded studs are heat treated and tempered to mantain lasting sharpness as they cut into and grip the PEX pipe. First a 3" diameter hole must be opened in the ground with our largest compression point. Then the 2 - 1" PEX pipes are attached above ground, to one end of the connector that has 2 male threaded studs . Next this assembly is lowered into the exit pit and the female threaded end of the connector is attached to the shaft, where the compression point was removed in the exit pit. The male threaded stud end and the female threaded end of the part is connected with a swivel joint that also has wabble which allows the part to be easily aligned with and threaded onto the shaft. Then as the shafts are extracted, the 2 PEX pipes are simultaneously pulled into the hole.

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