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We had the pleasure of working with Bullet Mole & Dimension Tools recently on a challenging underground project in Huntington Beach. There were five 2” PVC electrical conduits that needed to be run under two large sidewalks. Further complicating matters were existing irrigation and electrical all in the same space the conduitshad to be run.

The Bullet Mole was integral in making this possible. The only other way it could have been done is to have removed the sidewalk entirely, a far more costly alternative. Our client is exceedingly happy with the results, as are we.

Tight Lines Electric, Inc. fully endorses this product and looks forward to saving time and money in the future using our new Bullet Mole System.

Christopher Lawrence
President Irvine, CA

I am writing you to let you know that we are very happy with the product. Bullet mole makes our job a lot easier. We have some rough terrains in Massachusetts and this is the perfect tool for it. This tool also come in very handy when we cant bring a compressor close enough to where we need it. Out all things, what I am most impressed with is,

1st: the durability of the tool, we use it every day and it is practically new.

2nd: how straight it shoots, you can precisely determine your receiving pit based on your sending pit.

I am very happy with its overall performance and will be ordering another one soon. Thanks!

Gus Moreira

Update on our previous endorsement of the Bullet Mole. Having had over 40 years experience in the rental industry, we have seen many “innovative” tools come and go at City Rentals. So, we were definitely cautious when presented with the Bullet Mole. Now, over 4 years later we still find the tool to be a quality and profitable tool. Supported by our customer’s comments and satisfaction, the Bullet Mole meets all our expectations of the fastest and easiest underground boring tool on the market today. Its simple low cost maintenance makes it a carefree tool in our inventory. The savings to our customer comparing the rental cost to a concrete saw and excavator makes it an easy choice. The Bullet Mole is a definite leader in the industry.

Jeff Roberts
President of City Rentals

One Tough "Mole"

I don’t often write about products in this blog. In fact, I don’t think I ever have — until now. What I want to tell you about is a product so simple (and potentially so useful) that it blew me away at the recent California Landscape Contractors Association Trade Show and Conference in LA.

The name of the product is the Bullet Mole. My first thought on hearing the name was that the product is something to kill moles. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Actually the Bullet Mole is an incredibly simple tool. That’s what I love about it; that and it gets the job done without a lot of expense and fuss.

The tool itself looks like a tiny warhead at the end of a metal shaft. This warhead doesn’t explode or anything like that, though, even though it can penetrate and shatter the hardest rock. Made of super tough metal, it makes neat, round openings for installing irrigation pipe and/or wires under sidewalks or driveways. No fuss. No muss.

Quite simply, you dig a small hole at one end of the sidewalk or driveway insert the Bullet Mole, pointy side in the direction of the sidewalk or driveway, than you whack the butt end of the metal shaft with a sledge hammer and it drives the “Mole” (irrigation pipe surrounding the shaft behind it) under the sidewalk or driveway. The force of the falling sledge hammer is enough to drive the “Mole” through clay, rock, just about any material.

Check out the “Mole” at http://bulletmole.com.

(For the record, this product mention was not solicited and was not the result of any freebies or promises by the “Mole” makers and marketers. I just thought it was cool.) — Ron Hall

Landscape Management


My name is Richard gasparino.

I'm the owner of Evermist Ltd. lawn sprinklers.

I met Steve Lafontaine over 15 years ago at an Irrigation Association Trade show in Texas. He was the owner and developer of the Bullet Mole. He made an excellent presentation about is product and sold me on the spot. I bought 2 complete kits from him which he sent me after the show was over like he said he would. He has kept his word with me over the past 15 years now. The tools he sells are superior to anyone else's. We have been using the Bullet Mole now for 15 years and will keep on using them. We now have a complete Bullet Mole kit in each and every truck in our fleet I also keep an extra bullet mole kit at the shop just in case. Besides the Bullet Mole being built to last and withstand the abuse our men put it through, Steve has always been their when I call and returned phone calls and followed through with shipping product when we need it a.s.a.p.. This is the way to run a company in America, we need more people like Steve.

Thanks for all your great service through the years.

Richard Gasparino

Evermist Lawn Sprinklers

Bullet Mole,

I have been in the irrigation business for 26 years. Your boring tool has been one of my best investments. Facing very difficult soil conditions, the Bullet Mole has made the last 4 years much better. We are able to go under side walks and sometimes even driveways with much more success and less time than prior years. Thank you for an amazing tool.

Thom-Mist Inc.
New Jersey

Hasson's Landscaping

I have been using your system for 3 years now and love how easy and simple it is to use. It makes getting across sidewalks and driveways very easy. The longest driveway I have gone across so far has been 30-plus feet in hard compacted clay soil and only took us about 15 to 20 minutes to get across with only a sledgehammer and a little sweat. I would recommend the bullet mole to any landscape contractor who needs to get across any Hardscape without damaging it.

Thanks again!

Hasson's Landscaping

Dear Folks at Bullet Mole,

I want to thank you for engineering such a great tool. For 27 years we've been doing it the hard way. The Bullet Mole makes going under walks and driveways a breeze. My workers actually take turns using this tool and have little contests as to how quickly and accurately they can pass under a walk.

Not only does the Bullet Mole drive easily, but I can't believe how straight and true it travels. If you take a few extra minutes to get the trench dug correctly and line the Bullet Mole up right; it will come out within a couple inches of where you want it. Pretty amazing!

Also, because it penetrates all kinds of tough underground, we now take on some jobs we used to pass on. It has paid for itself easily. I highly recommend this tool. Great product!

Gary Krom

Tony Giardino

We purchased the Bullet Mole after considering it for a few months, watching their videos and speaking at length with Steve at BM.

We are located in Arkansas and the soil conditions are mostly hard red clay and rocks. Our first project with this tool was to install a 2" pvc sleeve under a 43' concrete driveway. The soil on this job wasn't as bad as most of our digs, but it was dense and compacted with rocks throughout. We started driving 6' rods with a sledgehammer and about 3 rods in, we had to use a jackhammer to finish the rest of the install.

It took about 30 minutes to drive approximately 8 rods through that soil.

I am totally sold on the tool and to further make our experience a pleasure, Steve at Bullet Mole involved himself over the phone, educating us on how to properly use the equipment, with tricks of the trade and I'm sure by his experience. I can't say enough good things about this product and the people who proudly make this tool right here in the USA!

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