1-1/4" Tappered Pull Connector

This connector is used to connect 1-1/4" poly pipe to the shafts before the shafts are extracted from the ground.

This pull connector will make a secure and strong connection to any 1-1/4" rolled Polyethylene conduit for fiber optic - Poly pipe for water lines or -Polyethylene pipe for gas lines  Etc... (One size fits all types) It has a swivel between the two ends with lateral wobble. This unique design combination allows for the female threaded end of the connector to be easily manuvered in order to quickly "FIND" the male thread of the shaft and be connected to it. 


1) The compression point is removed in the exit pit.

2) The Tapered Pull Connector is connected to the intended pipe or conduit above ground.

3) The connector with the attached pipe or conduit is lowered into the exit pit and the opposite end is connected to the male thread of the shaft without having to turn either the pipe or the shafts. .

4) The Bullet Mole shafts are extracted and the pipe or conduit is pulled into the hole behind them simultaneously.

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