2 Inch Copper Push Point

This part is made of stainless steel and is used to insert a - 2" "k" or "L" wall copper pipe into the ground after the initial hole is opened with the compression point. The point is inserted into the end of the copper pipe. There are 2 half pipe indicator lines cut into the point. Transfer the length of both lines, straight across and onto the copper pipe. ( Remove The point after marking the pipe). Drill a 3/8" hole through the sidewall of the pipe at the end of the line transfered to the copper pipe. It should be 5/8 of an inch long. Rotate the pipe 180 degrees and drill the second hole in like manner. After the holes are drilled then insert the Push Point into the pipe and align the hole in the point with the holes in the pipe. Insert an allan wrench into one hole untill it seats in the allan screw on the opposite side of the hole in the point. Next, thighten the screw so that it passes into the hole on the opposite side of the pipe. This will lock the point to the pipe so that it will not detatch when pulled backward. The point has the same outside diameter as the pipe itself. After the Push Point is attached to the pipe, then this assembly is shoved into the hole made by the compression point. As it proceeds, roots or fragments of rock or debris that are encountered will be moved back out of the way to allow the pipe to be inserted. As the point emerges into the exit pit, it is simply removed from the pipe by unscrewing the allan screw untill it retreats back into the point and out of the pipe. Remove the point.