Digging Bar Hook

The digging bar hook is used to attach a grab hook to a digging. Once the hook is attached to the digging bar it can then connect or grab the extraction chain when needed to extract the shafts and or pull in pipe.

The digging hook can be attached to any digging bar that has a square, round or hex shaped shaft. Just slide it over the shaft of the bar approx. 7" from the bottom end and tighten the bolt to secure it in place. 


#1. Connect the hook to the extraction chain.

#2. Drop a 2x6x8 board with pre-drilled ,2” diameter holes, 6” centers, into the bottom of the entrance trench and lodge it against the end of the entrance trench at the entrance point.

#3. Secure the hook of the digging bar to the extraction chain.

#4. Stab the digging bar into one of the pre-drilled 2” holes of the 2x6x8 board on the bottom of the trench.

#5. Leverage the digging bar from one hole in the board to the next, to jack the extraction chain and shafts out.

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