1-1/2"GRC Push Cap

This part is made of a very tough American-made steel, which is heat treated and tempered to a very specific standard, both proprietary. 

Together the steel and tempering process produce a very hard, yet very tough characteristic in the steel which allow it to do it's job well.

This part is used to install 1-1/2" galvanized rigid conduit pipe, after the initial hole is made through the ground with the Bullet Mole.

It threads directly onto one end of the rigid conduit with a spanner wrench (included). The opposite end of the same pipe will have a Push Point threaded onto it, also includes the spanner wrench.

Once the Impact cap and push point are connected to the pipe, the whole assembly may be shoved into the hole (pointed end first), and driven with a sledge hammer when the going gets tough as it encounters obstructions. 

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